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A Cozy Hat for your Littlest Pumpkin


I couldn’t resist this quick little side project. After all, doesn’t every baby need a little pumpkin hat? Admittedly, I think I made it a bit too large, but I wanted to be sure that it lasted Baby E through both Halloween and Thanksgiving. The pattern is a free download on Ravelry. I used Red Heart Soft worsted weight yarn and needles as per the pattern. In retrospect, I wish I had used a yarn with a little bit more of a natural “heathering” to it, (I’m thinking that would’vet looked a bit more “vintage, weathered pumpkin”). I think the creator Michele Sabatier did a great job with her yarn selection. Check out the pattern and her Ravelry page for further inspiration! This is a great quick knit, just about 1 weeks worth of Baby E nap time and late night TV multitasking… (So probably 3 hours for an average knitter if they were actually focusing).

DSC_3511 DSC_3532


DIY Halloween Party Invites

DSC_3344I couldn’t resist sharing the simple DIY invites that I created for our little Halloween party this weekend. Baby E isn’t really old enough to appreciate trick or treating, however, we were dying for an excuse to dress him up so we decided to throw a get together.

See how these were made below!

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Baby Varsity Sweater

As I sit with my husband and watch Sunday football I am inspired to share a knitting project that I completed last year for dear college friends of ours. We attended countless football games with Mr & Mrs G., so when we found out that they were expecting their first child, I decided that I absolutely needed to make their baby girl some University of Cincinnati fan gear! I found this varsity sweater pattern on Craftsy and thought it was a cute vintage look for a little baby girl. This project was absolutely worth the $6 price tag! The pattern is no longer listed for sale on Craftsy but I have linked to the creator NHP Designs pattern store, so if you are interested perhaps you can reach out directly and make a purchase.

Varsity Sweater Collage

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Boo! Inspiration for Pumpkin Decor


Chalkboard Pumpkins via Rachael Ray Magazine

Happy October my friends! I feel the seasons changing and the brisk air warms my heart. Yesterday Baby E and I went on a nice long walk, we both bundled up enjoy the chill in the air and the blowing leaves. A few trees have started to turn here and my neighbors have begun string up spider webs and putting out their pumpkins. As we passed by the local elementary school the window are full of paper pumpkins. I have mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of Halloween decor, however, I do LOVE pumpkins. This weekend we will be heading out to Michigan to visit my parents and to do all of our favorite fall festivities. We will go to our favorite pumpkin patch and then stop by the cider mill for a hot drink and yummy donuts. Recently I’ve been makings plans for what kind of pumpkins I will be hunting for this year and seeking inspiration from around the web. I think that I will definitely be making some chalkboard pumpkins as shown above. (After all, these can quickly change from a Halloween pumpkin to a Thanksgiving pumpkin by switching out “Boo” with “Gather”). Instructions for the chalkboard pumpkins can be found here. See below for other great pumpkin ideas!


Painted pumpkins via perfectly imperfect


DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin via Sugar & Cloth

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Spooky Spider Cake

I am not huge into Halloween decorations- I do the costumes… I eat the candy… I frequent the pumpkin patch but something about making my home look like Chuckie’s haunted play castle just doesn’t agree with me. (I know, I’m lame)…

A few years ago, however, I uncharacteristically concocted a Halloween cake that had even my husband squirming in his boots.


So here it is, the Spooky Spider Cake- Mmmm tasty! (Pardon the picture quality, at the time I didn’t plan to blog this!)


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Big Herringbone Cowl

It is a blustery, rainy afternoon and Baby E has surprised me by going down for a late afternoon nap so I thought I’d sip on a cup of tea and share another knitting project from the archives. This cowl is one of my favorite projects from last year and it is perfect for weather like this!


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Cottage Wrist Warmers

Untitled-2I wanted to share a knitting project from the archives. I completed these a few years ago and have worn them to death!

Initially, I created these to wear when I was working as a designer in the San Francisco Bay area. I found myself routinely on job sites in Lake Tahoe during the winter and wanted something that would keep my hands warm while still allowing me to sketch, scribble and scrawl.

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Sweet Knitted Baptismal Outfit

Baptism Outfit 1We had the joy of baptizing our sweet baby boy this summer and naturally I wanted him to look his best for this special occasion. I come from a long line of knitters and seamstresses and I felt like it would be special to follow their lead and knit Baby E’s baptismal outfit. (Both my brother and I were baptized in hand-made clothing).

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The George Cardigan

This is the first project that I completed for Baby. I couldn’t resist this sweet little Sublime cardigan pattern with its little elbow pads! I knit it up in newborn size, so I’m crossing my fingers that our little one will be rocking this look in the next few weeks. The little white buttons are gender neutral for the time being, but I have some cute rhinestone buttons and little red airplanes waiting in the wings in case I decide I want to swap them out after we discover Baby’s gender…

George Cardigan

The George Cardigan pattern came from “The Ninth Little Sublime Hand Knit Book – 653,” which I picked up from a local yarn shop. I can’t find this pattern book listed on the Sublime website, but they have tons of other pattern collections for your perusing enjoyment!