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It’s not you, it’s me…


I’ve been bad… I’ve been distant-
It’s not you, it’s me! I swear.

Where have I been? Ah sigh- enjoying life: Mothering, Wifeing, Designing, Knitting, Cooking…. All things that I love.

I have been anxious to reconnect and share how life has been unfolding. Until then, check out this bag. It is simple, sweet and ever-so accurate. It would make a great Mother’s Day gift for all the fiber loving maternals out there…




We came, we saw we “pumpkinned.”

DSC_3240Since we moved back to the midwest two years ago, we have made a point to go out to Michigan each fall and to see Gene the Pumpkin Man. He has the sweetest little place, complete with orange barns, tractors, vintage gas pumps…. you get the idea. Plus, unlike many businesses that assign a random endearing name to humanize their brand- (Grandma Betty’s Soul Food Diner… Farmer Jed’s Organic Tofu wafers….), Gene is real! The farm has been in his family since 1885 and he has been “the pumpkin man” since 1957. This year was extra special since it was Baby E’s first trip to the farm and we had a blast despite some chilly and slightly damp weather. We walked away with a wagon load of goodies: a selection of funny gourds, one big old statement pumpkin, a handful of sweet white pumpkins, two pie pumpkins, and the “kinda ugly pumpkin that we didn’t really want but we had to buy because our kid took a bite out of it.”


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Your baby does not need to attend cello concerts…


Especially solo cello concerts…. what were you thinking?

Woah- okay, let me back it up a bit here. We have been “can do” parents for the most part…

  • Flying across the country at 2 months old? Check!
  • Eating at “grown up” restaurants with baby? Check!
  • Attending pro sporting events…at night? Check!
  • Taking Baby E to the bar at 5 months to hear his Uncle play a gig? Check!
  • Baby on the bus, train, subway and cab? Check, check, check, check!

I know that there are many other parents who have tackled the above excursions and much, much more.The reality is, I am of the mindset that as long as our baby is safe, we might as well try to do as much as we can and expose him to many different things. This allows my husband and I to continue enjoying what we love to do, and perhaps this will also help Baby E to grow into a flexible and well rounded child. (Or maybe it wont… we only have so much control right?). While we try not to cram multiple new or highly stimulating events into any single day, we have had great success trying to do a wide variety of things that may not be thought of as “baby friendly.” I think that part of the key is to know ahead of time that it may, or may not work. We are always mentally prepared to evacuate the situation at anytime while remaining optimistic that it will be a positive experience. However, last night I found my limit. Read the rest of this entry »