I grew up sketching, coloring, tinkering and creating. I studied Interior Design in college and walked away with both a degree and with my now husband and fellow designer, Kyle. We moved to the west coast and lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay area for four years before landing jobs in Chicago and returning to our Midwest roots.

For most of my marriage work has our major life focus, and frankly, it’s a big reason that I decided to start a blog… I wanted a creative space outside of work driven solely by my own passions and creative ramblings. In March of 2015 we welcomed one of life’s greatest blessings: Our sweet little boy, “Baby E.” After a short return to work, I decided to hang up my stilettos and strap on my sneakers as I joined the ranks as a full time momma.

So, welcome to the madness. I make only a few promises… I will likely not be able to stay on topic, I will probably ramble, and will most definitely include plenty of spelling mistakes and grammar faux pas. However, I will also try to post fun projects, inspiring imagery and create a generally happy, creative place to hang out.