DIY Halloween Party Invites

by fiber-musings

DSC_3344I couldn’t resist sharing the simple DIY invites that I created for our little Halloween party this weekend. Baby E isn’t really old enough to appreciate trick or treating, however, we were dying for an excuse to dress him up so we decided to throw a get together.

See how these were made below!


I used some leftover black 8.5 x 11 cardstock and cut it down to 4.25 x 5.5 pieces (each sheet yields four cards). Then I made a ghost template on a sheet of printer paper.


I used my paper template to cut out the ghosts from kleenex, tearing the bottom of each tissue ghost for a “flowy” look. I also used the template to help locate the eyes on each tissue ghost.


I used a toothpick to apply Elmers glue to the tissue and adhere it to the card face. I only applied two small dabs of glue behind where the eyes were going to be placed because craft glue and tissue looks a bit sloppy. Then I repeated the process to glue bobble eyes onto each ghost.


I used a silver paint pen to write under each ghost…. “Boo!”


I designed the back of the card in Adobe Illustrator. You could use Word as well. Just remember to size this so that you have a border around the perimeter after gluing to the black cardstock. I made my print-outs 4″ x 5.25″ with a generous margin so that I could then trim the edges with decorative scissors. I’m in love with roll on glue tape for attaching the print out to the rear of the card. Fast and easy… NO mess!


The finished product! These fit perfectly in any A2 envelope. Happy crafting!