by fiber-musings

We came, we saw we “pumpkinned.”

DSC_3240Since we moved back to the midwest two years ago, we have made a point to go out to Michigan each fall and to see Gene the Pumpkin Man. He has the sweetest little place, complete with orange barns, tractors, vintage gas pumps…. you get the idea. Plus, unlike many businesses that assign a random endearing name to humanize their brand- (Grandma Betty’s Soul Food Diner… Farmer Jed’s Organic Tofu wafers….), Gene is real! The farm has been in his family since 1885 and he has been “the pumpkin man” since 1957. This year was extra special since it was Baby E’s first trip to the farm and we had a blast despite some chilly and slightly damp weather. We walked away with a wagon load of goodies: a selection of funny gourds, one big old statement pumpkin, a handful of sweet white pumpkins, two pie pumpkins, and the “kinda ugly pumpkin that we didn’t really want but we had to buy because our kid took a bite out of it.”


I’m not a huge pumpkin carver, but I shared my plans as well as many other ideas for decorating pumpkins in my earlier blog post here. In addition we will be making Baby E some baby food from the pie pumpkins. I plan to follow the cooking suggestion per Wholesome Baby Food. So far Baby E is in love with sweet potatoes but throws up at the sight of a butternut squash, so the pumpkin could go either way. Please share any other “musts” for cooking with pie pumpkins- this is my first attempt!

Also, I’m dying to hear everyone’s suggestions for a great pumpkin patches- Please share!