Spooky Spider Cake

by fiber-musings

I am not huge into Halloween decorations- I do the costumes… I eat the candy… I frequent the pumpkin patch but something about making my home look like Chuckie’s haunted play castle just doesn’t agree with me. (I know, I’m lame)…

A few years ago, however, I uncharacteristically concocted a Halloween cake that had even my husband squirming in his boots.


So here it is, the Spooky Spider Cake- Mmmm tasty! (Pardon the picture quality, at the time I didn’t plan to blog this!)


Here is how I pulled it off-
This is simply a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Easy Peasy! I baked mine from scratch, but there is no reason you couldn’t use a box cake and store bought icing. I used Cook’s Illustrated “The Best Easy Chocolate Cake” recipe and frosted it with their “Fluffy Vanilla Icing.” In lieu of the 8″ square baking dish that the recipe called for I used a 9″ round pan and vigilantly tested with a toothpick. (The change in size did cause my cake to be ready slightly earlier than stated in the recipe). I purchased white sparkle gel icing from my grocery store and added the web design to the top of the cake after frosting it. Again, sorry this is hard to make out in the photo, but the tone on tone approach created a understated creepy effect. Then the fun began, I set my cake on a platter and cut out a small wedge, now this next step is critical- I ATE the entire wedge… (quality control). I highly advise that you do this as well. Post sugar coma, I made the old fashioned whipsaw. Starting with a piece of silver cardstock, I cut out the blade shape and then used pinking shears on one side to give it teeth. On each end I attached a small dowel rod for handles and then I stuck it into the top of the cake. Finally, I cracked open a bag of black spider rings. (They are available just about everywhere this time of year). I was able to easily snip off the ring portion with my kitchen scissors, leaving me with hundreds of little spiders. I started filling the wedge with spiders, sticking their feet into the cake so that they would stay put. Their legs taggle up on each other which made it easy to build up “spider volume” and make them appear to be spilling out of the cake. Lastly, I added a few to the perimeter as if they were making a run for it…. and voila! Spooky Spider Cake. Ug, I get the heebie-geebies just writing about it….

For me, the best part was that this project is totally out of character for me. When my husband saw it he was completely freaked. Then he asked for his old wife back 🙂

Happy baking!