Hiding in Plain Sight – Open Kitchen Storage

by fiber-musings

My husband and I have always lived in reasonably small homes. We moved out to Silicon Valley after graduating from college and we couldn’t afford more than a 1100 square foot apartment. Eventually, what started out as a necessity became a preference. Each purge felt empowering, and we took pride in being able to live with less. We downsized from 1100 square feet to 750 square feet. When we moved to Chicago we downsized again, living in a 570 square foot studio for three months while we hunted for a condo. Finally, we purchased our current condo, a 1200 square foot urban loft. When purchasing this property we knew that we planned to have our first child here, so we splurged and purchased a 2 bedroom unit. This is the largest home that we have ever lived in together and it comes with many “firsts” for us: Double vanity…. In-unit laundry… Separate tub & shower… and great city views, BUT it does have the smallest kitchen of any property in which we have lived. (Perhaps with the exception of our stint in the studio apartment)…

At any rate, upon moving, I knew that I would be faced with two major storage challenges:
1) Where to hide Kyle’s vintage surf board… (In the furnace closet wedged behind the A/C filter)
2) Kitchen storage.
The latter required a bit more creativity.

I scoured the internet for inspiration and found that I wasn’t the only one trying to think outside the box- (or should I say cabinet… ba dum cha!) Hiding kitchen equipment in plain sight not only saves cabinet space but it can be downright beautiful!


via homelife, photography: Jared Fowler

So after “pinteresting” like mad…. (pinteresting is a verb right?), we came up with some solutions that more than made up for our lack of cabinet space. Here are a few of our solutions:



Pots, pans and utensils hang from a stainless steel peg board while a metal rack provides additional storage for large pots above. Peg board & hooks: diamondLife. Metal Shelf & ‘S’ hooks: Grundtal Series, Ikea


For the first time ever, our antique china cabinet actually holds china! (In a previous life it has been a liquor cabinet, linen closet & tool chest). I made a point to store only items that were white, stainless or glass. This helps to keep the contents from looking sloppy.

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Please feel free to share some of your ideas for clever storage solutions!