Fiber Musings

Month: March, 2015

Breakfast Cookies

Kyle and I have anxiously been sitting around waiting for the birth of our first baby. (and by sitting around, I mean, we’re both still working and crossing our fingers that I don’t go into labor at the office). Anyhow, with the nursery ready, the shopping done and all other major prep complete, I’ve moved on to brainstorming ideas for good healthy snacks to have around the house for an easy nibble after baby arrives.

These Breakfast Cookies from Leelalicious seem like they may be just what I need!

The Healthy Breakfast CookieWhile they have been dubbed “The Breakfast Cookie,” I’m willing to bet that they will also make a great grab and go snack on a day when baby is keeping us from sitting down and having three square meals. At 340 calories a piece, however, it’s always good to remember that healthy doesn’t always equal low-calorie. Add a lowfat yogurt and perhaps a bit of fresh fruit and this really is a meal!

Can’t wait to try them out!


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