Gender Neutral Nursery for Baby

by fiber-musings

After a long string of little projects I think I can officially say that the nursery is finished and ready for our little one!

I’m a big believer that nurseries are spaces for parents just as much as they are children.

For us, that meant keeping the space dual purpose as both a nursery and a guest room. The sofa pulls out into a queen size bed and the color palette is soft so that the space is relaxing and cozy for both baby and adults. Additionally, we live in an urban loft, so space is at a premium, the fact that this room can comfortably seat four adults means that we have a space aside from our family room for entertaining the visitors who come to meet the new baby. As you all know, we haven’t found out the gender of our baby, so I decided that a subtle Winnie the Pooh theme would be perfect…

In my professional life I’ve spent a good amount of time designing nurseries and children’s rooms for clients and I knew right off that I wasn’t going to have the same luxury of time or money when I designed my own. Despite a limited budget I wanted to make the room special for our both our baby and for us. We were able to save a lot of money by reusing existing furniture. The only major ticket items that we actually bought was the crib and the rug. A few new colorful pillows and little accessories added a new layer and a brand new personality to the space.

To finish the room off we added a lot of personal touches that make the room feel extra special: The chalkboard on the wall was mine as a child as were the Winnie the Pooh books. The knitwear hanging around the room was all knit by either by myself or my mom. My husband and I made the mobile as well as the art over the sofa and the crib.

While this may not be quite the posh nursery that I’ve designed for clients, it is the perfect little nursery for us and I wouldn’t have it any other way!